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Real Clean Air

julio 19, 2022

Real Clean Air is an air duct cleaning company staffed by a team of friendly and professional technicians. Its goal is to bring clean indoor air to your home or business and it is owned and operated on-site by Kevin Nilan. They believe that everyone deserves a healthy environment to rest, work, play and sleep.

They are always honored to contribute their expertise to help you maintain this environment. Their decades of experience in the HVAC industry and world-class equipment give them an edge over their competitors, and their attention to detail endears them to their customers.

They are proud to serve private, commercial and industrial clients in the region. See their Service Awards and Customer Testimonials section. They hope to be able to purify their indoor air as soon as possible.

Our services

The team at Real Clean Air not only makes sure your home or business gets the cleanest indoor air, they also make sure the systems that circulate the air in your home are in top condition. These are the services they provide:

  • Duct cleaning: Dirty ducts in your home or business can pose health risks and increase energy bills. They clean the air ducts to ensure efficient circulation of the cleanest air possible.
  • Dryer fan cleaning: A dryer fan that hasn’t been cleaned for a long time can make your dryer less efficient or your clothes look less clean. Debris trapped in dryer vents can also create a fire hazard. The Real Clean Air team can clean your dryer vents for optimal performance every time you wash a large load of clothes. Duct Repair and Replacement – ​​Broken ducts leak, which can promote the growth of mold and mildew, leading to poor air quality. To get the most out of your duct cleaning, have your team repair and replace your duct as needed.
  • Cleaning and recycling of coils: Contaminated coils can severely reduce the efficiency of the HVAC system and send energy bills skyrocketing. For a more efficient operation, call Real Clean Air and have their team of HVAC experts clean the register.
  • Air cleaning system: Even with professional duct cleaning, you can ensure cleaner air throughout your home. Say goodbye to dirty air with a reliable home air purification system

Call today to learn more about their services and get a free estimate. The Real Clean Air team is ready to help you achieve the best air quality in your home or business.


Todd and Jason were thorough in explaining and showing me the process. They helped with moving things as needed and the cleaning was completed quickly. Very nice customer service and a great value!

Very happy with the service I had done today. They were very efficient, had pictures of the inside of the ducts before and after very cool to see. Will definitely use them again.

Had a wonderful experience with Real Clean Air. Todd and Jason were very personable and approachable with all our questions and explained the process thoroughly. Very happy to have this done through them. Highly recommend!