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Draft Complex HP

junio 14, 2022

Draft Complex HP a real estate agencies that have the purpose of helping their clients to have the best solution to what they are looking for. Thus, the main action of this company is the intermediation in the purchase, sale and lease of a property. Among them are houses, apartments, premises, flats, land, garages and buildings.

The advantages of being with them.

The main advantage of hiring them is that they will do all the sales management. This means that they will hang the ads, show the apartment, negotiate with the interested parties, among other things. In addition, they know how to mark the price according to the area, the type of property and what the competition asks for.

In truth, with this agency you will have more tools to evaluate the extra elements that make the property more valuable. Likewise, they have professionals who will save you time and a wide portfolio destined to buy your flat or house.


The Staff is very helpful. Ms.Joy is a breath of fresh air. Always putting the tenants first while providing Elite customer service. My neighbors are friendly also.

They are not 2nd chance and they talk very polite to get your money also