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Dowden, Lewis E Dmd

julio 12, 2022

About Dowden, Lewis E Dmd

Doctors Dowden and Houston and their experienced team care for all of your dental implant needs, periodontal care, and even cosmetic procedures.

They can help you achieve the beautiful, healthy smile you have always wanted. Whether you are a child, teenager, or a grown adult, a great set of teeth can help you look and feel your best.

They have been providing quality service in dentistry and periodontics for over 30 years. Their office has a good reputation and they can help you with all your needs.

Their practice specializes in caring for the teeth and gums with up-to-date methods, creating beautiful, long-lasting smiles. They hold their patients standards of quality very high, and care for each patient individually.

their practice believes that education and prevention are the keys to good oral health, and we strive to provide that to their patients. If there is an emergency, try to see you as soon. They want you to know that you will be receiving the best Periodontal Health Care available. Their office is focused on both the beauty of your smile and your health, as we are concerned about disease transmission in the current world. Your medical history can help us know about your overall well-being, and they take this issue very seriously.

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  • Pamela Allison: My name is Pamela. I had saw Dr Dowden for dental implants reviewed by Dr Calhoun. While Dr Dowden was doing procedure He Removed 2 of My Teeth ..i feel he needs to replace these. My dentist Dr Calhoun never told him to remove those teeth . Also the resepionist lied to me during treatment saying my procedure was fully covered by insurance was not .I’ve went with Our my smile for 4 yrs now. It’s hard. Dr Dowden you owe me these teeth back I expect you to give me my crowns
  • Gregg Pattery: Dr Dowden repaired a painful area of my gum that I had been dealing with for 11 years. This has changed my life. My gum was so painful I could barely chew on that side of my mouth nor brush near it. Now I can chew food again where the repair was done and brush in that area. The area of my gum that was repaired was below a dental implant of my left second molar. Dr Dowden grafted tissue to my gum and that resolved the problem. I was anxious about having the procedure done due to the pain in my gum. I called in to Dr Dowden’s staff prior to the procedure and expressed this. I was assured Dr Dowden goes out of his way to eliminate pain. I then chose to have a local anesthetic. Dr Dowden gave be multiple shots of Novocain. After each shot, Dr Dowden tested and asked me if I had any pain. Thanks to Dr Dowden, I had no pain. I originally went to Dr Dowden for a second opinion. My first opinion involved temporarily removing my implant in order to do a bone graft. I am so glad I went with Dr Dowden’s approach. It was much less invasive than having the implant removed for a repair that possibly would not have fixed my problem.

  • Mellissa Wyatt: I cannot say enough positive things about this practice, all of the staff are wonderful, as well as being excellent at their job they are personable and reassuring. I would recommend then to anyone.

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